Monica Kaur,

Managing Director

Monica is well-known in Perth as an expert in the real estate industry. Besides being the managing director of the fast growing Paradise Builders (WA), Monica is also the director of Paradise Property Group, a licensed real estate agency in Perth and MKS Property Investments & Developments, a subdivision and property development company.

Her extensive real estate investment and development experience in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia over the past 30 years has put her in the position to lead Paradise Builders (WA) to continued success.

Melvin Paul Singh,

Building & Property Development Consultant

Since joining Paradise Builders (WA), Melvin has been pivotal in introducing new technology to improve the company’s branding, marketing and processes.

Each and every home designed by Paradise Builders (WA) has to receive Melvin’s seal of approval before it is presented to the client for their consideration.

Melvin takes tremendous pride in ensuring that each build done is designed specific to the client’s requirements and that the entire building process is smooth.

He works meticulously with clients to ensure that the best possible use of the land is achieved and that the client receives the most value for their money.

Jack Rafidi,

Building Supervisor

Jack is Paradise Builders (WA)’s trusted foot soldier. Jack is renowned in the building community for his no-nonsense approach to dealing with contractors, high level of expectations and extensive knowledge about the in’s and out’s of delivering a compliant and high specification home.

Jack’s attention to detail and vast experience ensures that homes are built according to plan and to a finish that clients can be proud off.

Emmanuel Rofail,

Architect & Draftsmen

One of Paradise Builders (WA) biggest success is in having Emmanuel join our team. Emmanuel is a gifted individual who has designed the most complex projects including a Buddhist temple, a mosque, a feng shui house, medical centres, land estates and most recently is working with one of our clients on an Indonesia village concept in Perth.

Christine Rofail,

Interior Designer

Christine is an expert in interior design, graphic design and image rendering. The quality of Paradise Builders (WA) designs are down to her creativity and ability to think out of the box so that clients receive well-designed and well-thought out homes.

Slawek Misiun,

Civil & Structural Engineer

Slawek is a structural engineer with over 25 year experience in projects such as residential, commercial, industrial and mining structures. He has been involved in the successful design of over 2000 buildings ranging from small sheds, warehouses and residences to large mining processing structures. He is known and regarded for providing value adding engineering solutions that are practical, cost effective and innovative.

His responsibility includes performing geotechnical reports, soil and wind classifications, retaining wall designs, earthworks recommendations, slab and footing details and subdivision civil engineering works.

Mary Ann George,

Office Manager

Mary Ann is part of the foundation that holds the Paradise Builders (WA) team strong. With a Masters in Accounting, Mary Ann has used her meticulous accounting and bookkeeping background to ensure that the company is functioning effectively and clients are properly served.